5 Reasons Why Dental Implants Have Gained So Much Popularity

The advancements in dental implants continue to move forward, offering a variety of benefits. It’s understandable why implants have become so popular.

At Midtown Dental Care, dental implants are an effective way to replace teeth lost to decay, disease, or injury. The skilled team of dentists create custom treatment plans to ensure your implants look and feel natural, providing you with a lifetime of benefits.

Here are five reasons dental implants are so popular:

Security of replacement teeth

The dental implant procedure is made up of two parts and does require several months of patience to achieve your desired results.

In the first part of treatment, you undergo a procedure to insert the post into your jawbone. In the second part of the dental implant process, your provider attaches an artificial tooth to the titanium post.

The post is made of durable titanium steel that serves as an anchor to the new artificial tooth. Once the post is in place, you need a period of healing before completing the rest of the implant procedure.

During your healing process, your jawbone fuses to the post, securing it into place. It can take several months before this fusion is successful, but once healing is complete, the post remains in position to support your new tooth.

Natural-looking, beneficial results

Each tooth is designed to look just like your natural teeth, matching the size, shape, and color of your other teeth, so no one can tell the difference.

Dental implants are the closest thing you can get to your natural teeth. In fact, implants even offer benefits your natural teeth can’t. The artificial teeth used in implants are resistant to stains, ensuring they stay white and bright for a lifetime. Implants are also highly durable and not susceptible to cavities or decay.

Address many dental issues in one procedure

When you’re missing teeth, your oral health can suffer, and you may face a lot of difficulties chewing food or speaking. Additionally, missing teeth can affect your self-confidence and self-esteem, forcing you to hide your smile to cover up the obvious spaces in your mouth.

Missing teeth can also reduce your overall oral health, causing issues like:

Dental implants can address all these issues, ensuring your mouth stays healthy and your smile is something you want to show off.

Better than dentures

In addition to dental implants, there are other options for replacing missing teeth, such as with dentures. However, many people struggle with discomfort and the tendency of dentures to slip out of place, especially when eating or chewing.

Dental implants stay in place, and you won’t have to worry about them falling out of your mouth at an inconvenient time.

Improved jaw health

Implants also offer another health benefit that no other method of tooth replacement can. Once implants are in place, they simulate your natural tooth root.

Each time you bite down on your implant, it puts a healthy stress on your jawbone, triggering the production of new bone cells. These new cells strengthen your jaw and boost your overall oral health.

Dental implants are an ideal way to address a variety of issues caused by missing teeth. If you’re looking for a permanent solution for replacing one or more lost teeth, schedule a consultation online or by phone with the implant experts at Midtown Dental care today.

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