Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

If we had a nickel for every time a patient asked this question in the practice, well, there would be a big jar of nickels on the office shelf. It surprises us that patients are unsure of dental implants, especially as the benefits are so obvious. Maybe that is the problem. The benefits are many, but people just don’t know about them.

Let’s have a look and see if you are a candidate for dental implants.

First Things First

Just what are dental implants? That’s exactly what one of our patients asked just the other day. The short answer is that dental implants are titanium structures that fit directly into your jaw bone. At Midtown Dental Care we make an incision in your gum, before drilling a small hole in the bone below. We then screw the implant directly and securely into the bone.

The surgery is usually done under sedation or a local anesthetic and is over before you know it. The procedure is painless, and there is minimal discomfort for the patient.

What Qualifies Me as a Candidate for Dental Implants?

This is another favorite question and one patients ask whenever we suggest a dental implant. If you are missing teeth, then you may qualify as a candidate. We often see patients with dead or rotting teeth, ones which they are slow to give up when we suggest removal. The fear is that a gap will look bad or will interfere and undermine the other permanent teeth in the mouth. Look worse than a bad tooth? Not so sure on that one.

What a dental implant will do is replace the bad tooth or fill the gap where one is missing. You will feel an immediate difference when smiling or eating and especially from people who will not be looking at your black tooth for a change.

What Does the Dentist Look for in a Candidate?

A good candidate for dental implants will have a healthy bone structure in their jaw. The implant will need to hold securely in solid bone so that it lasts as many years as you expect. Gum health is another crucial point, and we would want you to take care of any gum disease or potential problems before undergoing the procedure.

Age is not a barrier once you satisfy the conditions mentioned above, but young people who are still growing do not qualify, as their jaw bone will continue to change until they become adults. People who smoke heavily or drink alcohol regularly can have weak gums and may not qualify as candidates.

Dentures Are Just as Good, so We Are Told

It may be that dentures were the only option when you were initially tackling your missing teeth problem. Cosmetic dentistry is improving all the time, and dental implants are showing the way. Dentures usually do not fit well, especially if you have been wearing them for many years. The dental implants fit securely in your mouth, they do not move over time, and they do not need any further work.

If you have dentures, you should consider replacing them with dental implants. The implants work like regular teeth, not like the temporary solution of the dentures. If you’re a candidate, we will talk you through the benefits and the surgery, helping you see the implants as the perfect replacement for those old dentures.

Dental Implants Are Too Expensive to Qualify Me

Yes, the initial surgery will cost you money, but probably not as much as you think. Talk to us about costs and how dental implants can fit your budget expectations. If you are considering getting the implants, then the long-term benefits can really outweigh the original costs.

Dentures tend to become loose and ill-fitting in a short time. A bridge may be cheaper to fit than an implant, but may only last five years, while an implant can still be in place over 15 years later.

Did you know that your insurance may cover the dental implants and the surgery? Ask your provider for more information.

Ask Us the Questions

At Midtown Dental Care we love to answer your questions. Schedule an appointment today, and see if you qualify as a dental implant candidate. Your years of suffering from dentures and loose bridgework may be about to come to an end. Call us today, and take that first step.

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