Improve the Quality of Your Life With Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth, bridges or dentures, you might want to reconsider the option of dental implants. The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons concluded that 68 percent of adults between the ages of 35 to 45 are missing at least one of their permanent teeth for various reasons. Also 26% of those that have reached 75 years of age will have none of their permanent teeth. Bridges and dentures are clearly a distant second to the effectiveness and their look with dental implants.

Life with Dental Implants in NYC

I’m sure you don’t want to constantly worry about your dentures staying in as well as how people look at you when you smile with missing teeth. There’s enough to worry about in life than to constantly be worrying your teeth.

Implants can trick your body into thinking that you still have your permanent teeth. This can be critical in preventing bone loss in the jaw. Because the implant is embedded into the bone, every time you chew you’re transmitting force directly to the jaw that’s similar to your natural teeth. This not only prevents bone loss, but also can contribute to maintaining or even increasing bone density.

Because the forces transmitted by the implant are comparable to natural teeth, you don’t have to worry about the type of food you eat. This goes back to a quality of life with dental implants. For most people it’s worth it to have the ability to eat and drink whatever and whenever.

An implant can be shaped and fitted to look exactly like all your other natural teeth. If it happens to be one of your front teeth, then you never have to worry about smiling and looking your very best. No one is going to know except you and that’s worth every dollar spent. Something else to note is that an implant completely fills the spaces of your previously missing teeth. Open spaces in the gum and jaw can cause foul odors. You never have to deal with this with dental implants.

How Much Dental Implants Cost

Only you can make that decision. However, most people that have dental implants placed, find its worth any pain, cost or inconvenience. The trade off is a lifetime of having a great looking smile and never having to think about what they’re going to eat. Also, bad breath, messing with denture cleaning and fitting never becomes a consideration.

In conclusion, if you want the very best for your teeth, you need to seriously consider implants. Even if costs are a concern, realize that more insurance is covering this type of procedure and many cosmetic dentists in NYC also have very flexible payment plans making it more affordable.

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