Make the Right Impression the First Time and Improve Every Part of Your Life with a Smile Makeover

What Does Your Smile Say About You?

We form first impression when the brain creates a composite of all the signals we gather when having a new experience or meeting a new person. With most initial encounters, we walk away with a picture in our minds that instantly develops and doesn’t entirely fade.

Whether first impressions are accurate or not, they do last and have an impact on how a person is perceived by another for a very long time. Furthermore, that impression is very difficult to change. That’s why whatever you do to give the very best impression with a smile makeover, will serve you now and for years to come. Let’s face it; physical traits are an important part of that overall picture. You could be damaging what others think about you by having an ugly smile.

That doesn’t sound very nice, but true. A great smile and whiter teeth can make a huge difference in how others perceive you. When you meet someone for the first time what do you notice most? We are capable of taking in a lot at once, but definitely a smile is noticed and the impression meter goes way up in your favor. That’s why smile makeover has become a commonplace term in our present day. It’s becoming an overall procedure that most people are thinking about and a lot of people are doing something about.


Smile Makeover Make a Difference in First Impressions

It most definitely will because you too feel more confident and want to smile more. Also, there is scientific evidence that suggests that it does greatly help your image. A social psychologist Doctor Anne Beall studied 528 participants’ reactions to viewing before and after photos of different individuals based on different physical characteristics.

They weren’t told to judge anyone’s smiles, but rather the overall appearance on a scale of one to ten. The only change they had was on the before and after photos of teeth.

The results were very significant based on each participant’s perception of each of the people observed.

The impression difference was the following:

• Wealthy – 100 percent increase
• Attractive – 130 percent increase
• Interesting – 70 percent increase
• Kind- 40 percent increase
• Sensitive to others – 50 percent increase
• Happy – 50 percent increase
• Career success – 90 percent increase
• Popular with the opposite sex – 120 percent increase
• Friendly – 50 percent increase
• Intelligent – 60 percent increase

This is a powerful illustration of how smile dentistry can literally transform you and how others perceive you in every area of your life.

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