Prevent Heart Attacks By Getting Your Teeth Checked

Reason to Get Your Teeth Checked

It’s been known for a long time that if you want to keep your teeth, you’re going to need to do everything necessary to prevent periodontal disease by maintaining good gum and tooth health. It can often be overlooked and because periodontal disease symptoms aren’t severe, it is really easy to let problems go. In fact, they can get so severe, that losing your teeth might become a grim reality if you’re not getting your teeth checked in time.

Gum Disease Treatment in NYC

So are there any other problems gum disease could cause that could give you even more motivation to treat it or get your teeth checked? Are there any threats to your health losing your teeth? By keeping your gums and teeth healthy, you could possibly be preventing a heart attack. That’s right; researchers have found a link between gum problems and cardiovascular disease. It’s been shown that a person with gum disease has more bacteria released into the bloodstream, such as endotoxins, that have been known to be a cause of inflammation in the body. The mouth is a significant source of bacteria and depending on the amount found, could determine how different organs of the body can be affected, including the cardiovascular system.

Cardiovascular Disease and the Role of Oral Bacteria

A study at the University of Buffalo strongly suggests that bacteria dumped into the blood stream via the mouth can affect heart health. They studied 67 participants. 42 of the 67 were diagnosed with moderate to very severe periodontitis. The remaining 25 were very healthy to be used as a control group. There were blood samples taken throughout the study before and after chewing some gum on each side of the jaw 50 times each.

What they found was very shocking. They found that those who had severe gum disease had up to 4 times more harmful bacteria in the blood stream than those that had mild forms of the disease to none.

The exposure to the increased amounts of bacteria and the potential for damage can’t be overlooked. The constant exposure to bacteria can result in inflammation in the walls of the arteries. This can be the cause of plaque buildup causing atherosclerosis, which could eventually lead to problems of heart attack and stroke if these arteries become completely blocked off.

So What Can You Do to Keep Your Teeth?

If you want to eliminate your chances of gums contributing to heart disease, then you need to get your teeth checked or to follow what your cosmetic dentist midtown nyc has probably been telling you to do anyway. It’s time to make brushing and flossing a regular part of your routine. Also, you can’t skip the dentist so he or she can get your teeth checked. Go and get your checkups, so you can be sure that your gums and teeth are always as healthy as possible.

Not only will you benefit from having healthy and beautiful teeth for the rest of your life, but you’ll be eliminating one more risk factor for heart disease that could possibly add years to your life and prevent you from having a heart attack or stroke.

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