Teeth Whitening – Foods to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Your Dentist Happy

You hear a lot about foods that are bad for your teeth, such as soda, sugary snacks, and acidic beverages. But there are plenty of foods to keep your teeth healthy and protect tooth enamel by providing the nutrients your teeth need to stay strong. Teeth are strengthened by a process called remineralization, which involves re-depositing minerals washed away by acidic foods back into the tooth enamel. The most important of these minerals are calcium and phosphorus. Here are some foods to keep your teeth strong that aid in the remineralization process.

Foods to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Strong

Milk.  Loaded with calcium, milk is an excellent fortifying food for not just your bones, but your teeth. The calcium in milk also helps fight gum disease and keeps your jaw bone healthy. Women especially should try to drink more milk if possible, as they are more likely to develop gum disease from a lack of calcium. Milk also has been shown to neutralize acids in the mouth produced by plaque bacteria.

Cheese.  Like milk, cheese is a great source of calcium. And just like milk, it also reduces the acidity of the mouth by neutralizing acids. In fact, cheese is best kind of foods to keep your teeth healthy and its does an ever better job at reducing acidity because it requires you to chew, which produces more saliva, which naturally washes away the acid-producing bacteria in your mouth.

Fruits and Vegetables for Good Dental Health

Apples and pears.  Firm fruits and vegetables that give you a nice, crisp crunch when you bite into them have a high water content, which offsets the effects of their natural sugars. Any food that puts your teeth to work without leaving a lot of residue is great for saliva production, and these types of fruit definitely fit into that category. Some other great examples of foods to keep your teeth healthy are carrots and cucumbers.

Tea.  Though it doesn’t seem like an obvious choice for a tooth-healthy beverage, green and black teas actually contain antioxidant compounds called polyphenols. Polyphenols have been shown to slow the growth rate of bacteria associated with cavities and periodontitis. A bonus effect of tea is that it fights bad breath by controlling the bacteria that cause halitosis. One drawback is that tea is also high in tannins, which will stain teeth over time. But taken in moderation tea can be part of a dental-healthy diet.

Is Chewing Sugar Free Gum Good for Your Teeth?

Sugarless Gum.  Just like cheese and crunchy fruits, gum chewing stimulates the production of saliva, which washes away the bacteria in the mouth. But make sure that your gum is actually sugar-free. Any added sugar will obviously undo the work of the saliva. Also, many types of sugar-free gum are sweetened using xylitol, which reduces bacteria (Read also: Chewing Gum Really Helps You).

Water.  Maybe it’s not technically a food, but a healthy intake of water does wonders for your entire body, including your teeth. Your body needs a regular supply of water tooth-friendly foods to keep your teeth healthy and to produce saliva, which is almost entirely made up of water. So the next time you feel like having a sugary drink like a soda, do your teeth a favor and pour yourself a glass of water instead.

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