Sep 26

10 Facts to Know before You Get Your Invisible Braces Treatment

10 Facts to Know before You Get Your Invisible Braces Treatment

1. No Need to Avoid Your Favorite Food

If you’ve been looking for a hassle-free way to get a straighter smile then you may not have considered orthodontics as after all it will take years to complete treatment, or will it? These days modern orthodontics is completely different from most people’s expectations of treatment ( best Invisaling NYC – Invisible Braces ). You can forget about having to wear unsightly braces and there is no need to avoid your favorite crunchy, sticky or hard foods during treatment using the latest Invisalign clear braces.

2. What Invisible Braces Made Of

Clear braces (Invisible Braces treatment) are exactly that, and Invisalign uses clear aligners made from BPA free plastic. If you have ever used teeth whitening trays, then these look very similar, fitting closely over your teeth and gently moving them into the correct positions. Once the aligners are in, they are very difficult to see. This is one of the things that makes Invisalign so popular amongst our patients here at Midtown Dental Group. This treatment is suitable even for people with busy careers and lives as the aligners are so discreet that it’s unlikely anyone will notice them in your mouth. These days there is no need to put up with a mouth full of metal and wires just to get a straighter smile.

3. How Does Invisible Braces Treatment Work

Treatment couldn’t be easier as you will be supplied with several sets of aligners that are worn in a specific order. You simply need to wear each set for two weeks before moving onto the next set to continue moving your teeth. You will need to come and see us every 6 to 8 weeks or so, but these appointments should be pretty quick and are simply to make sure your teeth are moving as predicted, to ensure you do not have any problems and to provide you with more sets of aligners if needed.

4. Every Tooth Movement is Precisely Preplanned

Before any aligners are made, we take detailed dental impressions, x-rays and photographs that are utilized by special Invisalign software. This creates 3-D digital images of your teeth, enabling our cosmetic dentists in NYC to precisely plan exactly how each tooth will move. This does mean you will be able to preview these images so you can gauge the effectiveness of treatment before you even wear your first aligner. It’s generally pretty exciting to see how your teeth could look in just a short while.

5. Who Should Have Invisalign

Invisalign Midtown is extremely versatile and can be used to treat the majority of orthodontic problems. This includes problems with overcrowded teeth as well as problems created by unsightly gaps in between teeth. Invisalign can be used to correct bite problems, including underbites, over bites, crossbites and open bites. If you have more complicated orthodontic problems then Invisalign might not be the best solution. You can rest assured that we only recommend Invisalign if we think it’s going to provide great results, as otherwise we can suggest an alternative orthodontic system that will work well for you.

6. What to Expect during Treatment

When you initially begin to wear your aligners they may feel a bit strange at first, and it might take a bit of time to get used to speaking with them. It’s also common to experience some slight discomfort when wearing a new set of aligners as they are forcing your teeth to move positions. This discomfort should be easy to control with over-the-counter painkillers if required, and it should pass within a couple of days or so. If it persists then come back to see us as we can help you. You must take the aligners out for eating and drinking so there is no need to worry that anything is off the menu. Afterwards, you will need to clean your teeth before reinserting the aligners so it’s no worse than looking after your teeth as normal.
It’s best to keep the aligners in for at least 22 hours each day, only removing them for mealtimes and for brushing and flossing. This will help ensure that treatment is completed within the predicted timeframe. Typically it takes up to a year for most people to complete treatment, but complex cases may take a little longer while people with fewer problems may complete treatment much more quickly. The aligners are so discreet and easy-to-use that you’re likely to find treatment time just flies by.

7. If  You Only Want to Straighten Front Teeth

If you only want to straighten your front teeth then Invisalign has a system for that! This is a more cosmetically oriented brace that only concentrates on moving the front teeth and which isn’t designed to correct any substantial orthodontic problems. With this system, you are only provided with a few sets of aligners which will be all that is required to move your front teeth into more cosmetically pleasing positions.

8. What about Teenagers?

Invisalign Teen Midtown has been developed especially for older teenagers who are responsible enough to wear their aligners as directed.  This is very similar to the adult version but includes built-in wear indicators that gradually fade as the aligners are worn. Invisalign Teen also allows for teeth yet to erupt and includes several sets of free replacement aligners, just in case any are lost.


9. What to Expect Once You Complete Treatment

Once your teeth are beautifully straight and you have finished wearing your aligners, it’s important to wear your retainers. Retainers are needed to hold your teeth in their new positions while they settle down. Invisalign retainers are just as discreet as their aligners and are extremely easy to use but are absolutely essential to make sure the results will last.

10. Combining Invisalign with Other Treatments

Once treatment is completed we often find patients are interested in maximizing the effect of their new smile. Afterwards, it can be nice to think about whitening your teeth (Read more: Teeth Whitening New York ) , creating a stunning and healthy smile. If you have one or two teeth that aren’t quite the perfect shape or size, these can be corrected with porcelain veneers. Using Invisalign in conjunction with cosmetic dental treatments can often prove to be the most conservative and cost-effective way to obtain a beautiful and long-lasting smile.
Invisalign can be a great way to help perfect the appearance of your smile and if your teeth are substantially out of position then it can also help improve dental health. Once your teeth are straightened your risk of gum disease and tooth decay could well be lower so treatment can be a great investment in your long-term dental health.
It’s never too late to straighten your teeth, provided they are healthy and strong. An initial consultation with us here at Midtown Dental Group will give you all the information you need to decide if Invisalign will help you.