Aug 25

Great Dental Health: Mouth-Body Connection

Great Dental Health: Mouth-Body Connection

People often think their dental health is in no way connected to their general health, but in fact the two are very closely linked. If you want to have a healthy body, then you really need to pay attention to your dental health. Over the past few years there has been increased interest in the link between great dental health and general health. Clinical studies have discovered how certain health conditions can be impacted by the presence of dental disease, in particular periodontal disease or gum disease.

How Poor Dental Care Can Affect Your Overall Health

The findings of these studies are pretty worrying, as the presence of periodontal disease has been linked to many major health conditions that might already affect you or those closest to you. These include heart disease, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers and diabetes. Research is still ongoing to discover exactly how these diseases can be affected by gum disease, but it is clear that you cannot afford to ignore your dental health. It’s thought the link is due to the inflammatory nature of periodontal disease and the ability of the bacteria that cause this condition to get into the bloodstream through damaged and bleeding gum tissue. What makes this research even more worrying is that many people will go on to develop some degree of gum disease during their lifetime. Our dentists here at Midtown Dental Group work hard to raise awareness about this connection, particularly as great dental health is quite easy to achieve.

How We Can Help You Achieve Great Dental Health

Preventative dentistry is the very best way to keep your teeth and gums in great shape (Read more: Kid’s Preventative Dentistry). When you come to visit our dentists at Midtown Dental Group you will receive a thorough dental examination that will include a fully customized preventative dental plan. This will detail any procedures we feel are necessary to help restore dental health, as well as preventative dental care treatments to protect your teeth and gums in the future. By chatting to you about your great dental health and overall general health, we can also assess how often you should come to see us for regular dental examinations. For most people this will be every six months, but if we feel you are at higher risk of developing dental disease we may suggest you come in more frequently, just so we can monitor you more closely. This might be the case if you are pregnant, or if you have any diseases affecting your immune system, for example diabetes.

Why Regular Dental Cleanings Are so Important

We thoroughly recommend regular dental cleanings with our hygiene team. During these cleanings we remove all tartar and plaque from your teeth that could otherwise cause gum disease. Our hygiene team is also great at educating patients on the best way to brush and floss more effectively and we can show you the very best tools to use. We know people can struggle with dental floss, but often being shown how to use it correctly can make all the difference. Otherwise there are other tools that you can try as interdental brushes can be very effective and water or air flossers can be a useful tool for anyone who wants to achieve great dental health and has limited dexterity.