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Full or partial dentures are an affordable and quick way to replace missing teeth. Your dental professionals at Midtown Dental Care in Manhattan, New York, custom-design dentures to fit you snugly and to look like your natural teeth. If you live in the Greater New York area — including Queens, Rego Park, Manhattan, and New York City — and want to restore your confident smile with dentures, call Midtown Dental Care or book an appointment online.

Dentures Q & A

Why should I get dentures?

If you’re missing more than one or two teeth, dentures are a fast and cost-effective way to restore your smile and improve your bite. You can choose from one of three denture types:

  • Full dentures: replace entire lower or upper teeth
  • Overdentures: replace most upper or lower teeth but leave space for remaining teeth
  • Partial dentures: replace a few missing teeth  

Not only do the false teeth in dentures make you look more attractive, but they can also keep you from developing functional problems of the jaw and digestive system that arise from not having teeth.

If you don’t replace your teeth with dentures, bridges, or dental implants, your jawbone may degrade from lack of healthy stress, you may have digestive problems due to poorly chewed foods, or your facial muscles may sag and atrophy from lack of use.

Dentures are also an affordable way of replacing missing teeth until you decide to opt for a more permanent procedure, such as dental implants.

What are dentures composed of?

Dentures are composed of two attached parts. First, the false teeth that are made of ceramic, porcelain, or acrylic. Second, the plastic base that matches your gum color and fits snugly on your gums with removable adhesive.

What are some disadvantages of dentures?

Dentures have a few distinct disadvantages when it comes to convenience and function, such as:

  • Must be removed each night
  • Must be cleaned separately from your teeth
  • May slip out of place
  • May prohibit you from eating your favorite foods
  • Don’t look as natural as bridges or implants
  • Can cause mouth soreness or excessive saliva
  • May be uncomfortable or crowd your tongue
  • Can interfere with your speech

What are some advantages of dentures?

When you need to choose between dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures, consider the following:

  • Dentures are the fastest tooth-replacement system
  • Dentures are more affordable than other tooth replacements
  • Dentures don’t require any surgery
  • Your remaining teeth don’t need to be filed down
  • Dentures are custom-designed based on imprints taken by your Midtown Dental Care dentist
  • You can easily switch to another tooth-replacement system later

To get started with dentures, either as a permanent or temporary solution to tooth loss, call Midtown Dental Care or use the online form to book a consultation quickly and easily.

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