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You’re embarrassed by your overbite, underbite, crossed teeth, crooked teeth, or gapped teeth, but you’re afraid wearing braces to correct them will look even worse. Now you can re-align your teeth without anyone noticing, by using Invisalign® clear braces from Midtown Dental Care. The dental team serves the Greater New York area, including Queens, Rego Park, Manhattan, and New York City. If you’re a teen or adult in the Greater New York area who wants to look professional and attractive while correcting your bite, schedule an appointment at the clinic by phone or online booking form.

Invisalign Q &A

Why should I straighten my teeth?

Fixing your crooked teeth isn’t just about looking great. It’s about letting your teeth do their job better, without the complications of a misaligned bite, which may include:

  • Jaws that hurt, click, pop, or don’t open and close properly
  • Headaches
  • Inadequate chewing that leads to poor digestion
  • Hard-to-clean teeth that are more susceptible to decay
  • Irritated gums or periodontal disease
  • Speech impediments
  • Uneven wear and tear on your teeth

What kinds of alignment issues does Invisalign address?

Invisalign can be used to correct most common bite issues, such as:

  • Overly crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Crossed teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite

The Invisalign system can even be modified to fix complicated bite problems.

What is the Invisalign teeth-aligning system?

Invisalign consists of a set of aligners made of a soft, clear plastic called SmartTrack™. The SmartTrack is molded into trays that are custom-designed based on impressions of your teeth made at Midtown Dental Care.

Your dentist gives a series of aligner trays that fit snugly over your teeth. Each tray gently nudges your teeth into a new position. You wear them for 22 hours a day and change to a new aligner every one to two weeks.

Does Invisalign hurt?

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign has no metal parts. The SmartTrack material is smooth and soft, and won’t cut or irritate the soft tissues of your mouth.

Invisalign also gently moves just a few teeth at a time. You may feel a little sore when you switch to a new aligner, but you quickly adjust.

What are some other advantages to Invisalign?

Because you change your aligners yourself, you only see your Midtown Dental Care dentist every six to eight weeks. Also, aligners are:

  • Almost invisible
  • Easy to pop out for brushing and flossing
  • Easy to clean  
  • Removeable for eating or special occasions

Best of all, instead of waiting years to find out what your aligned teeth look like, you get to see your progress each time you change to a new aligner.

How long does Invisalign take?

Your Midtown Dental Care dentist gives you a treatment plan when you pick up your first aligners. Most treatments take one to two years and offer permanent results.

Get started with Invisalign today by calling Midtown Dental Care or booking an appointment online.

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