Mar 29

Teeth Whitening Treatment: Whiter Smile in Just One Hour

Teeth whitening is one of our most popular services here at the Midtown Dentistry Group and with very good reason. We use the most advanced whitening systems to provide you with excellent results. In as little as an hour, you will see your teeth become brighter and whiter and it’s a great way to boost self-esteem […]

Jan 19

Dental X-Rays for Children’s Healthy Teeth

If your child needs dental x rays next time he or she visits the Midtown Dental Group then there is no need to be worried about any exposure to radiation. We use the very latest digital dental x-rays and we will only take x-rays when necessary. Our digital x-ray machine emits a very low level […]

Jan 5

Adult Orthodontics: Is It Worth the Effort?

In the quest for a more perfect smile, many adults are turning towards orthodontic treatment as being a long-term solution for correcting crooked teeth. You may have noticed more people seem to be sporting a straighter smile than ever before and often you might not have realized they were undergoing treatment as adult orthodontics can […]

Dec 9

Oral Sedation Dentistry for Your Child

Trying to persuade a young child to visit a dentist when they are absolutely terrified is no fun at all. We know that isn’t the case for most young kids visiting our dental practice as we have gone out of our way to design it to be appealing and entertaining for children, with plenty of […]