May 6

Learn How Dental Implants Could Help Your Dental Health

Missing teeth is a problem faced by many people and when tooth loss occurs, it’s likely at midtown dentistry we to talk to you about ways to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. When you lose teeth, even a single tooth, then it does affect your remaining natural teeth, increasing the chance that they […]

Feb 10

Kids Teeth Flossing: 5 Top Parents Questions

The short answer to this question is yes, although here at the Midtown Dental Group we are all too well aware that kids teeth flossing is not a favorite activity for children or adults for that matter. We do find some parents are quite surprised to find out very young children should be flossing regularly. […]

Jan 12

Child’s First Dental Visit: What Can You Expect

A child’s first year is full of special milestones, not least seeing that first tooth erupt. At this stage you’re probably reaching for the camera yet again, but you should also be reaching for the phone to book your child’s first dental visit, if you haven’t done so already. A lot of people think this […]

Dec 9

Oral Sedation Dentistry for Your Child

Trying to persuade a young child to visit a dentist when they are absolutely terrified is no fun at all. We know that isn’t the case for most young kids visiting our dental practice as we have gone out of our way to design it to be appealing and entertaining for children, with plenty of […]