Aug 9

The Benefits of Using Lasers to Treat Advanced Gum Disease

The Benefits of Using Lasers to Treat Advanced Gum Disease

Advanced gum disease is a very common condition that will affect many people to some degree or other during their lifetime. Unfortunately it also has the potential to be extremely serious and is the most common cause of tooth loss and it may even affect your general health.

Here at the Midtown Dental Group, we take any signs of gum disease extremely seriously and you can rest assured that we will provide you with the very best and most up-to-date treatments to help restore your gum health. One of the ways we can do this is through the use of laser dentistry which can be hugely advantageous in treating gum disease.

How Laser Periodontal Therapy Treats Gums Disease

There are several advantages in using laser dentistry to treat signs of advanced gum disease and we will often use a laser in conjunction with more conventional treatments for this condition. One such example is scaling and root planing, a treatment that deep cleans badly infected gums and which is very effective in helping extensively damaged gum tissues to heal more easily. With scaling and root planing, our dentist will carefully scale your teeth and any exposed tooth root surfaces to remove the buildup of tartar that can cause gum infections. Afterwards the tooth root surfaces are planed or smoothed which has the effect of making it harder for bacteria to stick to these surfaces and easier for gum tissues to heal around them.

Successful Treatments for Advanced Gum Disease

Using a dental laser can help this process tremendously as it can clean out the deep pockets that can develop in more advanced gum disease. These pockets, called periodontal pockets develop as the gums pull away from the teeth due to the infection and one of the problems with these pockets is keeping them clean. Often they are too deep to be thoroughly cleaned with a toothbrush and they may feel quite tender. At the same time, they provide the ideal environment for disease causing bacteria to thrive.

By cleaning out these pockets with a laser, we can use the energy of the laser to help sterilize the area, removing the maximum amount of bacteria and aiding healing. Any tissues that are particularly badly damaged can be precisely removed, leaving the maximum amount of healthy tissue in place. One of the nice things about using a dental laser is that very little anesthesia is needed, if indeed we need to use any at all. The energy of the laser helps to seal any areas that have been treated so there is minimal bleeding and minimal swelling. Afterwards healing is much quicker and far more comfortable for our patients. Treatment is fast and effective and extremely safe.

Statement on Lasers in Dentistry

Treating advanced gum disease is only one way we can use our dental laser to help improve your treatment experience here at Midtown Dental Group. It’s also extremely useful in many cosmetic procedures, for example in helping to increase the effectiveness of tooth whitening and for cosmetically improving the appearance of your gums.